Antique pictures, doll's, collectables, military medals, hobbies, military, vintage made up to costume custom military for theatrical, historical, & collectible uniforms, old styles as needed with jodhpur or ridding breeches!

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  • Item 1. GREEK MALE DOLL --- --- 1905 Circa - - - Unusual and uniquely hand made - identical of era garment. In my life time ,_ I have never seen any doll like this - 12" high -----Excl. cond. $2,145. - FOB, Dallas, Tx.

  • item 2. 1890's LITHOGRAPH - This Picture, Frame, and Aged glass. Originated out of New York -- an artist estimation is that it could be out of the "Brown Era"? A beautiful and eye catching picture of a gentle but powerful lion -- what greatness! Size - 32.5" X 42.25" w/original hand carved walnut frame.- $6,850. FOB, Dallas (SOLD)

  • Item 3. Gold 1903 Military crossed Springfield rifles w/69 (between crossed rifles) for an Army Division of that time period (2"). Seen on collar tab and other collar tab w/Officers rank. Mint condition (18K gold/about 8 gr). $265. FOB Dallas, Tx

  • Item 5. 1850's - 1860's - METAL PICTURES - First one is a group of a family 3 young men standing in back of 3 women (very well dressed - for the times) -Metal looks like copper ? (2 1/4" X 3 1/4"). The second one is a man in Military uniform w/officers style hat and insignia - the jacket is dbl. breasted (he is in a studio). The metal has scratched numbers on the back (original) 37579 & 30647 - what they represent -??? The scratched numbers show the metal to of a silver color??? Size is 4 14" X 6 1/2". The best offer OVER $185. for 2X3 & or $265. for 4X6 - FOB Dallas, Tx

  • Item 6. Classic BOOK to be! "MIKHAIL GORBACHEV - PERESTROIKA" -- "RESTRUCTURING" -- only have a few - paper back $16.95 FOB Dallas, Tx - signitured Hard back $ 26.95 FOB Dallas,Tx

  • Item 7. WW I - German Metal Belt Buckle "ORIGINAL" - Crown in the center w/cross on top, then in a circle around it -- states; "GOTT MIT UNS" w/ a wreath at the bottom. The paint(O.D./green) is still orig. showing w/some small amounts of patina -- in very good cond. Only one -$125. FOB_Dallas, Tx

  • Item 8. WW1 - HELMET --- AUSTRIAN --- (wider then German) BATTLE FIELD pick up. No liner/ chin strap and also missing - TOP SQUARE CONCAVE PLUME ?? Has 4 holes to affix the plume plus a center hole. Never seen this type before!!!! (fair cond.) $338. FOB Dallas Tx

  • Item 9. WW1 - HELMET --- AUSTRIAN --- BATTLE FIELD PICK UP ---no liner or strap. ----- HAS a SPIKE on TOP. ----- The guess is the spike was added after WW1. Nice cond. (v.g.) $399. FOB Dallas Tx

    original helmets of antique

  • Item10. WW1 -- HELMET --- GERMAN --- BATTLE FIELD PICK UP ---no liner or strap. ----- nice cond,(v.g.) $285. FOB Dallas Tx

  • Item11. BRITISH --- PITH HELMET --- 1880's to 1900 -- Tan color w/under/ inside a green felt like - - Leather band worn & shows; {"O (over) W ^(brd. arrow.) D" --under there is a number } Has a silver/paper liner(worn), w/ chin strap hooks (no strap). Looks = " ZULU ERA" Very good for its era --$395. FOB Dallas TxSOLD
    Also have exact copy for $118. FOB Dallas.

  • Item12. GERMAN WW 2 OFFICERS HAT (VISOR) Nazi army. Original (green/grey cloth w/black visor) hat w/red piping (art.) made by "ERSTHLASSIG" -- Good cond, was used during war. Chin strap SILVER BRAID (needs small repair) - wreath is silver embroider, and eagle is alum. --- ALSO has GOGGLES (old plastic & broken/age) --- NICE OVERALL - Vg cond. $2,675. FOB Dallas Tx

  • Item13. CANADIAN "RARE" CADET MARINE -- for -- OFFICERS CADET SCHOOL -- Black color w/ gold around outside and a gold button on top. Owners name inside "Darin ........." and the Battalion & Squadron plus the CADET OATH AND MFG NAME. Different??????!! $295. FOB Dallas Tx

  • Item14. -- U. S. ARMY OFFICERS HAT (visor) Braided band w/felt soft cloth(brown) - about 1930 to 1940's -BEAUTIFUL - The EAGLE IS thick & larger then normal (LOOKS LIKE GENERAL Mac ARTHUR's type HAT)????? Made by=DOBBS New York/sold by THE PALACE Kansas City, Mo.(some ware but very g. cond.) No gold eggs. $492. FOB Dallas, Tx

  • Item15. -- SAME AS ABOVE but not the quality since this is an issue to an NCO (no braid)- and only has the small round brass plate w/ the eagle on it. WW 2 Issue Very Gd. cond. $129. FOB Dallas, Tx

  • Item16. -- LUGER HOLSTER "BULGARIAN" for 30 cal. pistol (EARLY 1900'S). Has mag. pouch in front like Sws. -- Very gd. cond. (stiff leather) $145. FOB Dallas, Tx

  • Item17. -- COLT HOLSTER " NORWEGIAN" Military (early 1900's) Black leather w/ flap. Very gd. cond. $265. FOB Dallas Tx

  • Item18. -- U.S. WW 2 HOLSTER MILITARY (for colt 1911) "Military Police marked on flap U S in a CIRCLE" = black leather dated 1942. Made by CRUMP -- HOW ABOUT THAT?!?!?! Very gd. cond. $145. FOB Dallas, Tx

  • Item18. -- SAME AS ABOVE but made by SEARS dated 1942 also -- and also has large U S in a circle on the flap. (fair to good) $105. FOB Dallas Tx

  • Item19. -- SWIS MILITARY BACK PACK of ELK HIDE. (no markings) very gd. plus cond. -- Size 15"high x 14.5"wide x 5"deep beautiful red/brown color. With brown leather straps. Great shape --- Has a full flap down the front (15"x 14.5") - Made around the early 1900's - $285. FOB Dallas Tx

  • Item20. -- SWIS MESS KIT (like NEW) made in 1940 & marked. excl cond. $89. FOB Dallas Tx

  • Item21. -- WW 2 GERMAN POST CARD's --

    a. FW-190 card also marked on back - 4 1/4x5 7/8 very good cond. $225. FOB Dallas Tx

    b. FW-200c card also marked on back - 4 1/4x5 7/8 very good cond. $185. FOB Dallas Tx

  • Item23. -- WW 2 Nazi HELMET used by NORWEGIAN Partisans -- has the Norwegian Seal on the both sides. This is a 1935 style mfg. Only the steel pot w/original paint and some patina. The Nor's. decals on the sides are in good to v.g. No liner or strap. The only one ever seen - and being here in the U.S.???? $365. FOB Dallas, Tx

  • Item24. -- Spanish CIVIL WAR - HELMET - looks like WW 2 German 1944 style. Has original liner & strap(strap is split at chin) - the paint looks v.g. cond. $169. FOB Dallas Tx
    A few left of these ORIGINALS!

  • Item25. -- ITALIAN WW 2 FLAG -- original/very fragile condition (some small holes). Not marked - Wool - color is good(it does have a few faded places/very light) - Have never seen another!?!? size = 46"X 70.5" - $385. FOB Dallas Tx
    We make copies for only $148. FOB Dallas.

  • Item26. -- SWEDISH FLEECE HAT -- has ear flaps w/folding peek made in the early 1900's. Great condition - Large size. $49. FOB Dallas Tx

  • Item27. -- SWEDISH CAMO PONCHO -- all dark greens w/some grey. In very good cond./sharp colors. - $178. FOB Dallas Tx

  • Item28. -- EAST GERMAN SCARF /collectable -- shows all branches of service in each corner in color w/DDR Seal in the center (SOVIET-prior 1991). In new condition in a clear plastic bag w/a picture of a DDR soldier marching to the goose step!?!? -- 2 for $24. FOB Dallas Tx

  • Item29. -- TOY SOLDIERS WW 11 -- One German plastic soldier w/the Nazi salute of WW 2 and the second one is on a motorcycle. Very small size about 1". Different - for the two $145. FOB Dallas Tx

  • Item29A. -- "Original WW 2 Hitler Bust - stick pin" About 1" size. Made of pressed metal with pin. Unusual collectors item $49.98 - FOB Dallas, Tx

  • Item29B. -- "Labor corp of WW 2 German cap insignia" Gold on black. Excl cond. For only $49. FOB Dallas, TX

  • Item30. -- SOVIET RUSSIAN COINS -- Dated in the late 80's and 1991. - 4 TYPES = GOLD/COPPER TYPE in 1 and 2 VALUE??? SILVER TYPE in 10 and 15 value??? All 4 for $32. FOB Dallas Tx

  • Item31. -- ISRAEL SHORT WAR -- by the POST MAGAZINE CO. The cover (front & back) was covered in clear cover for longevity. Only one like it - about the war w/story & pictures on every page. Super shape - V. good cond. $125. FOB Dallas Tx

  • Item33. -- GERMAN WW1 -- "CARDS" -- Pictures of WW 1 -- all different & written in German on the back with some story???????? Size is 2" X 2.5" each. -- 6 for $36. FOB Dallas Tx

  • Item35. -- WW 2 U. S. SNOW CAMO Cover w/hood - tie strings in front - Cotton mtrl. - old but in very good cond. Possible used near the end of the war - since it is in good cond. $265. FOB Dallas, Tx
    Copy of the Parka for $145. FOB Dallas.
  • Item36. -- JAPANESE - PARKA - Reversible / white on one side & the other is olive drab pockets (light weight) - Only one ever seen????? - $198. FOB Dallas, Tx

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